Let Your T-shirt Do The Talking

Me and my very well loved (and well worn) bear tee from Graniph – May 02 2020

T-shirts with graphics and slogans and promotions for cool stuff have always been a way for me and lots of guys like me to express ourselves and seek out more of our ‘tribes’. I met some of my best friends – to this day – through a little cultural advertising with a Prince “1999” Tour baseball jersey (purple of course), my yellow ‘Superman The Movie’ tee and later on, Coachella line-up tees (16 years and counting). I make a regular hunt through some of my go-to tee sites and here’s a few that I’m really digging (and buying from) right now. Prices range from $55 to $6!


Vestige – soft, wear forever, lots of low-key but cool graphics

I love Vestige because they have an on-going bunch of weird, photo-like, abstracty prints from designers and artists around the world. Best of all, you can find them for great prices all year long. I always look through the site (always having a sale or promo deal) and they regularly turn up on Nordstrom Rack (usually around $20) and Century21 (in person, sorry). Above all, they are comfortable and cut for a Gen-X men.

Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers – Great cotton, designs that look vintage but BEAUTIFULLY printed

I stumbled upon Rowing Blazers in the middle of winter in NYC a few years back and have always admired their rugby shirts and, of course, blazers. They also do some nifty tees with a Lower East Side spin.

Into The AM

Into The AM – High-quality, reasonably priced – vibrant graphics and awesome all-over prints

Into The AM started in 2012 and have continuously created standout graphics and now all-over prints that always get a second look from admirers – the detail and quality of printing is truly worth the (very reasonable) prices.


Pax Romana – Quirky, arty, skate-y but not something you will see everyone wearing = puuuurrrrrfekt!

Pax Romana is a London-based streetwear brand, but has shipping from the USA as well to keep the costs down. They are one of the very cool and very graphic tee selections on sustainable streetwear online store Uncommonn.


Last Exit to Nowhere – understated, insider geek-out graphics

This brand makes me crazy: I first found them when I was looking for the crew hat for the Nostromo from the movie Alien (don’t ask, we don’t have time). LETN has dozens of tee-shirts with logos from brands and places that only exist in movies (Skynet from The Terminator, Overlook Hotel from The Shining – you get the picture). The Star Wars targeting grid (above) is new and super-tasty. Mike Ford, I salute you.

6 Dollar Shirts

Funny, weird and … you can buy 10 of them for $60!

This site and brand does exactly what it says on the cover: all the tee-shirts are $6. And they are very cool and a little weird and some twisted humor as well (I love Trash Panda above). Their COVID-19 designs add a little needed humor to your stay-home wardrobe.


Odd and wonderful designs from Graniph

I used to (half) joke that my favourite thing about going to Hong Kong was stocking up on tees at Graniph. I found the store stashed away in a nondescript mall in Causeway Bay and fell in love (they have a store in Sydney as well, equally hard to find). They are very cool but run small: for Gen-X guys I recommend XL all the way.

Uniqlo UT Editions

There is always some cool collaboration going on at UNIQLO – and they are always super-cheap!

Before you ask: No, I don’t work for Uniqlo but I might if the discount is good….They always have great tees and this year is no different: Keith Haring, Mickey Mouse, manga and my personal favourites – special editions with Peter Saville (graphic design god for OMD, New Order, Roxy Music, Ultravox) are nuts – I need all of them and they are all two-for-one (this is May 2 2020). Peter Saville’s collaboration with Paco Rabanne goes for $300+ per tee so these Uniqlo designs are practically free!

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