Hoodie Refresh

That’s me in the picture above (carefully cropped to remove the SMALL bald spot) and I’m wearing my favorite hoodie (FACT Beastie Boys edition – here’s a used one on Poshmark). I’ve looked around for a Gen-X guy type of hoodie (not too fitted, not too short, a little funky, smart-looking hood ties) and combed Yoox, which always has a good selection of sizes, styles and generally low prices. Here’s my shortlist:

TopMan Hoodie $120 $78

Caterpillar 3D $102 $59

Jil Sander Hoodie $390 (comes in black too)

Love Moschino $264 $161

Wood Wood (I love this brand, great value, lasts forever) $134

Valentino (yes it’s expensive, but huge markdown) $1000+ $560

thank you Gregory for the photo on the beach xx