All White, All White, All White.

When I lived in London, I wore a pair of white Vans one evening and was told “You can always spot an American in Europe because you ALL (his emphasis not mine) wear white sports shoes when you go out!” Wanting to fit in, I immediately went back to my flat and put them in the back of the closet, but always wanted to bust them out and I did as soon as I moved to NYC – they were box-fresh new! Eventually when we stop wearing slippers and socks all day, shoes will become ‘a thing’ and just in time for summer, the season of white everything you wear. I’ve selected some white sneakers (or tennies as we called them in growing up in North Dakota), a range of prices that I know you can rock with shorts, khakis or casual pants and even run all over Europe with them on – when we get to travel again! These can all be ordered online and I scoped good size ranges as well.


When Raf Simons left Calvin Klein, most of the design innovations left with him. I found these shoes identical design to the Calvin Klein 205W39ST, but without the $700 price tag. They are the most comfy sneakers I’ve owned in ages.

adidas Men’s Originals Stan Smith Casual Sneakers $80 $60

Macy’s always has some classic styles at great prices. These adidas Stan Smith’s are that classic at a not-so-classic price! Grab these soon while there are good sizes!


D.A.T.E. named for Damiano, Alessandro, Tommaso and Emiliano – four friends who created small collections by hand before breaking through commercially on sites like Farfetch. Distinctive and understated. Love them!!

Asos Design Dustin Lace Up Sneakers In White $29

ASOS has some great deals stashed away and these well constructed, low-price but sharp as hell sneakers will fit in well with any summer look. They come in wide sizes as well.

Jack Purcell Canvas $65

Converse classics: The Jack Purcell is described as “An effortlessly sharp addition to your closet, with Jack’s signature “smile” at the toe.” I say here here!! They look sharp in black with white toe as well.


VEJA shoes make me crazy: they are super-simple, very comfortable for a wide foot like mine and wear forever – and usually on-sale somewhere. They come in lots of cool variations of this style (white with red/blue/black/green side V detail) so have a look through Farfetch which has a great range of sizes too.

Authentic and Slip-On-style True White Vans $50 each

I’ve worn VANS since the mid-70s when I got my first pair on a family trip to Hawaii (along with my first skateboard, was a big day in Tom’s life). I’ve owned 100s of pair and still by two of each pair, same size – one to wear, one to keep box-fresh for the future. Here’s the classic check in white on white and the Authentic.

adidasĀ® Skateboarding 3MC shoe $64.95

Never was a big fan of adidas skate gear, but these white and off-white puppies are less try-hard and more laid back, with some cool details (waffled tongue, extended suede toecap) and the Zappos price is right too!

Nike SB Charge Solarsoft Men’s Skate Shoes $65 $48.75

Kohl’s is like Asos: dig around and you will find very cool brands, classic styles, great size range and CHEAP! This is a classic skater kick from Nike and at this price, you can get red AND black and wear one of each, then the black pair, then the red pair and you technically get one pair free – GENIUS!!

Gucci Tennis 1977 canvas sneakers $630

OK, I left the bougie Gucci crazy-expensive-for-what-they-are shoes for the very bottom of the list, but goddamn they look good and detailed too all hell. Someone in my house has a pair of these and when the cat’s away the mouse will be wearing these…