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Tom’s Ten | 060112 | 2022 Predictions | Robots Take Over, Reality Comics + Every Living Thing is Digital
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This time of year, there’s an InBox full of 2012 Predictions, mostly based on consumer and technology trends, consumption charts and even the occasional actual prediction. After watching far too many movies set in the future over the holiday break – Christmas classics like Terminator 2, Strange Days, Total Recall and Gattaca – I’ve cast my crystal ball app 10 years out. Check in here on Jan 3 2022 to check my accuracy – if you’re not the human slave of an Earth-dominating giant, ultra-thin robot iPad with digitally implanted tattoos and bionic eyes!! Enjoy 9 links of fun, but scary trends and one chock-full of 2012 social media predictions. Have a great, happy, loving, geeky 2012 and whatever you do, don’t download the Skynet app when it comes out in a few years.

1. Robots Making Everything

Here’s where it begins: With staff suicide rates up, productivity goes down. Solution? Replace the staff with robots – lots of them.

2. Robots Looking After Stuff for Us

Yotel in NYC has a Bell-hop Bot in the lobby which manages the luggage storage and retrieval for guests.

3. Robots Buddies To Hang With

The NAO Robot is very slim, cool, plays music….and will eventually turn on you and enslave you! Have fun and keep it away from the knife drawer!!!

4. Really Cool, Friendly-Looking Robots

Jon Pope is an industrial designer who imagines what futuristic robotic vehicles will look like: friendly, cuddly and hopefully benevolent.

5. iPad Controlled Flying Video Robots

Parrot ARDrone’s are flying, robot-controlled drone-copters loaded with cameras and cool digital toys. Drone Station let’s you control the ARDrone using an iPad or game controller…until it’s had enough and enslaves you, that is…..

6. Luminescent Bacteria Pixels

Digital signage created from ‘biopixels’, using millions of live bacteria connected to digital switching systems, making them into living pixels. Creepy-cool.

7. A.D.D: Adolescent Demo Division

Comics predict the future …. again! In Vertigo’s new comic, ahem, graphic novel A.D.D kids are bred and trained from birth to test video games and media and appear on reality TV shows – sound scary or just like the most awesome job ever?

8. Augmented Reality Contact Lens

Currently being tested on rabbits, micro-circuit enhanced contact lenses will allow us to view AR and digital information sent from wifi to the surface of our eyes. Sign up now for your very own bionic eyes!

9. Make Your Tattoos Digital with MoodINQ

Because we will want to modify not just our bodies, but what we mark them with, the MoodINQ Digital Tattoo Display uses a surgically-implanted, sub-dermal grid called a Canvas, which allows you to digitally ‘print’ tattoos onto your skin. These digi-tatts can be removed and ‘re-inked’ to create new images.

10. 30 Social Media Predictions for 2012

Ok, so one actual bit about predictions and this one is bloody good. Lots of opinions about what social will look like this year, sharply-written and bite-sized! Bring on 2012!


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