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Tom’s Ten | Apps, Touch-screens, New Balance, AR, Blippar, Google Catalogs
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A quick round-up of new work, ideas and technology: stuff that gets me going. Enjoy!

New Balance AR relay race

My favourite shoes with a great location-based mobile AR game where you get free stuff for running in New Balance shoes??? Sigh …

Google Catalogs

Buying stuff online + search + recommendations + catalogs + Google: redefine shopping, again.

What makes an app popular?

The Holy Graille of mobile marketing is having a hot app. How exactly does that work? Incentivise and game the system.

Marco Tempest and magic with iPods

Magic tricks with with iPods: there’s got to be an ad in here somewhere, surely. Guys?

FWA and Getty Images

Facebook. The FWA. One of the greatest collections of images in the world. A great social idea built around stuff that people love to talk about: amazing images.

Blippar: Mobile augmented reality

Cadbury have begun using Blippar to deliver gaming and M-coupons via app and their product packaging. Applications to product and mobile integration: where’s it going next?

Death Revealer Mobile AR

Mobile app sponsored by a newspaper which reveals spots where auto fatalities have occurred. but an interesting mobile PR stunt if nothing else. Wonder how many award shows THIS will get entered in for 2012?

The Mill Touch-Screen Portfolio

Beatiful work (as usual) from the Mill for a touch-screen portfolio.


The experimental installation / digital beautiful-ness of Semiconductor’s work in this video overview from the Creators Project.


Like a book? an author? Booklamp can analyse what you read and make recommendations for you. Imagine what this technology will do once we wear sensors on our clothes that can detect what we eat and drink???


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